I’m Tempted To Become A Lesbian

Hi Mirelle,

Richel is my name and I’m friends with a lesbian.  We are both in the same class and same denomination which makes us even tighter. In short, we are best friends.

My friend has been a lesbian since elementary school because of some reasons I can’t say. She had been going out with different girls almost every week until she fell in love with one particular lady who she claims she doesn’t know why she fell for that lady. She dated that lady longer than she had dated anyone else since her lesbian life.

After about 6 months of dating that lady I never met except her name and pictures, she broke up with my friend for a reason best known to her. My friend cried and became so desperate and started that life of going out with different girls except for this time it was more serious. I tried advising and consoling her but this girl won’t listen to anything, even going to the extent of blaming me for her breakup with that lady.

Even though my friend is a serious lesbian, she had never made any attempts on me. She had never shown interest in romancing with me. She took me as her sister and told me everything and I in return love and care about her so much.

A few days ago, my friend came to the hostel very drunk and while I was trying to take her clothes and shoes off to allow her to have a comfortable sleep, she grabbed me and kissed me in a way I had never felt before. As much as I wanted to push her away, I couldn’t because it felt so good. I got enticed and aroused as she held my boobs and sucked the nipples. I in return kissed her back and when she saw the mutual interest, she got stronger. She grabbed my nightgown and pushed me onto the bed and started kissing me all over my body. I became so wet as she entered her finger in me slowly.  It felt so good. Nothing had tasted so good before. ( I wasn’t a Virgin though), but it was better than the sex I have had. I let her slide her fingers into me and she hit so deep until I reached orgasm.

The next morning when she was sober, she got angry with me saying why did I allow her to do that to me since she took me as a sister. And she was more worried because she thought she’ll lose me because she never took all her lesbian partner seriously. I apologized and she also did same and we promised never to raise that topic again.

But just recently I’ve been having wet dreams where I’ll see my friend romancing me. I get so wet in the nights that I’m tempted to touch my friend anytime I woke up. I miss how she made me feel that night. I want more and it’s haunting me. I don’t want to disappoint my friend and I don’t want to become a lesbian but this feeling I’m getting won’t allow me. I think of the day where my friend will romance me again and I know that day will be my happy day but until then, I’ll keep enjoying in my dreams.


Dear Richel,

Being a lesbian is Never an option. I’ve encountered numerous cases like this and they all didn’t go well. I’ll advice you keep your distance from your friend because the further you are away from her, the lesser your chances are of becoming a lesbian since you don’t want to be one. Hang out with new friends, do kinds of stuff you didn’t do earlier to keep your mind busy and trust me, the wet dreams will stop. Stay safe!




  1. Well, I also think you should go to church. Seek forgiveness. Ask God for help and also do your best to distance yourself from ur friend

  2. It’s very unfortunate.But bear in mind that it’s a satanic act. Refrain yourself from it since it won’t help you in the upcoming future. It hasn’t gone far so you better cease it once and for all.
    The ocean will continue to flow as far as we live better things ahead. Be prayerful

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