I’m Pregnant With My Sugar Daddy

Hi Mirelle,

I recently got admitted to the university after several attempts. I was offered my dream program and it was the best thing that could happen to me.

I later met a really nice guy who I fell in love with. He was almost perfect until after he had slept with me, his true colours shown. He never loved me like he said or proved his love so in the beginning.  I became heartbroken. I had never loved anyone the way this guy made me love him. He did everything perfectly and so when he left, it took a big part of me.

It was during those moments I met this man. He was in his 50s. I was never the type to be interested in old men but this time it was different. I accepted and dated him, even to the extent of sleeping with him. For his age, I was surprised how good and fit he was in bed and so we had sex so many times. He lavished gifts on me and I soon forgot about my heartache.I started having feelings for this man. When I do not hear from him I go restless. He was married though with 2 children enough to be my age.

I woke up one day feeling nausea. I called my doctor and I booked an appointment with him. I went to the hospital later part of the day and after he did check up on me he told me I was pregnant. The excitement that light up in my eyes, only God knows. I called my sugar daddy immediately and broke the news to him. But what he said to me tore my heart into pieces. He told me he was sending me money immediately for me to abort so I should stay at the hospital. I told him “no I won’t abort” but he told me if I don’t abort he won’t take responsibility for that baby since he was a married man with children. But I don’t want to abort. I love my sugar daddy and I want to have his baby at the same time my education and future career is at stake. I don’t know what to do.


Young lady,

Education is very important. In this our modern world, without education, there are not many places u can go. I’ll advice if your family is well equipped, you can defer your program and tell them the situation and have the baby or if they aren’t you can still have your baby by accepting the abortion money. Make sure is a huge amount of money enough to take care of you and the baby for months. After you have the baby you can go to the court to claim father’s rights for the child and then you can get back on track with your education and career because babies are always a blessing.


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