I’m In Love With My Sugar Daddy’s Son

Hello Mirelle

I got home one evening to my apartment, exhausted. It had been such a long day and the lecturer won’t leave the class on time. I couldn’t prepare any food as I was so tired so I went out to get some food and that was when I met this man in his fifties. He took my contact with a promised to treat me to lunch the next day. And oh, I forgot to mention it was something I was good at – dating older men. I connect with them over the net or other areas to give them what they wanted and to get what I also wanted, and you all know what that is. So, as I was saying, the next day came and as presumed, this man came crouching at my door. We went out and the next minute we started hooking up.

This sugar daddy” couldn’t get enough of me. He took me places and had the pleasure introducing me to people since he was going through a divorce from his wife. It even got to the point where he took me home. I had never dated an old man who ever took me to his house and I perfectly understood. But this new one was exceptional. After he’d taken me home he gave me a room in the house and I could visit and sleep whenever I wanted to. He’d travel and leave me with his son, whom I had a crush on but it was nothing new anyway since I crushed on numerous guys often.
It finally got to the stage I started getting familiar with his son and I guessed then he did too since he also made a few passes at me.

Weeks after my sponsor’s trip, I became so close with his son, named Kojo, and we did stuff together like we were a couple.
I don’t know if it was ill-faith to punish me for my deceitful and sinful ways or a good faith to change me, but my sponsor took longer than usual which gave us more time to fell in love with each other more.
One thing led to another. I don’t know how it happened but Kojo fucked me. And man!, it was the best fuck I had ever experienced. After that sex, feelings got deeper and numerous sex continued after that. The funny thing; we knew we were just having fun but when feelings grew, who were we to deny our feelings? I’m so much in love with him now and I don’t think I can spend the rest of my life without him but because of his dad who happens to be my sponsor, we can’t publicize the relationship.

Till now, I’m Still dating the man and his son. Kojo said he doesn’t care I’m dating his dad as long as I’m not having sex with him. But I’ve had enough now. I can’t keep up with this. When I met Kojo so many things have changed and I now have a meaning to my life, at least, I feel I do.
I want to quit all this and be with Kojo but I’m afraid of the outcome. What should I do?


Miss Lady,

Kojo isn’t in love with you like you say. If he was, he would be the one to tell his father, not you and he wouldn’t have allowed you continue dating his dad. He’s just enjoying the sex you giving him and nothing else. Sex and love are two different things. Why don’t you stop having sex with and tell him to tell his dad first before you give him sex again and then you’ll get to know his true feelings for you. Do that and thank me later..


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