I Want To Infect My Girlfriend With HIV Because I Love Her

Dear Mirelle,

I am a sex maniac since my secondary days in school. I’ve fucked numerous girls and it resulted to me destroying my life forever.

During my fuck days, I met a strange lady at a bank while paying my school fees who pleaded with me to fuck her because of how handsome I looked. I did without hesitation and that marked my life.  I never felt sex with any lady again after I fucked her  andi never also heard from her again.

Years passed, I wrote my final exam and passed. I got enrolled in the university and that’s when I felt sex with other girls again.

Months later, I met a girl who changed me. She was all very religious and even though I never like the advice she gave cause it spoke against what I did, I somehow found myself listening to her and before the next 4 semesters, I became a changed person but that change led me into falling for her. And as people will say, ” When a fuck boy falls, he falls hard”. I’ve fallen in love with this girl so much that I feel suffocated whenever I don’t hear from her. We’ve dated for a year but then something has happened which can never keep us together again.

My life is ruined and death is the only thing I will wish now if not for the girl I love. After fucking all those girls and the kind of life I lived, it gave Me a scar that will never heal. I contracted HIV – a deadly disease that has no cure and I’m doomed for the rest of my life. I went to the hospital and they gave me the saddest news that I’ve had it for 5 years and then I knew who gave it to me.

I don’t know what to do and I’m torn between two worlds, whether or not to break this news to the girl I love. I love this girl and I really want to have a future with her. So I thought about it and the conclusion I came up with was to infect her too. I know you might think I’m crazy and selfish but love is all about being selfish. I love her and I can’t allow her to be another’s man happiness.

I just needed to confess this off my chest…


Mr Fuck boy,

Don’t ruin someone’s life just because you have ruined yours. Think of her as your sister if you would be happy if a guy gave her HIV. If u infect her before telling her, she’ll never forgive you and you’ll lose her anyway. And you are wrong. Love isn’t selfish. It is self-sacrificing. You give love and you don’t expect love back. That is love. Just think through and who knows? She might want to be with you after all.



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