I Did 6 Abortion Because Of Him And He Left Me After I Became Barren

If I had been told my life would turn out this way, I would Never have believed it…

It was late one evening in the first week I entered the university. I was sitting on a bench trying to get familiar with my new school when a guy approached me. He introduced himself as Forson and we picked it up from there. We became friends and not very long, he proposed and since I liked him anyway, I accepted. I didn’t know that my life was about to change forever.
I still remember lying on my bed the night I found out I was pregnant. I had heard numerous situations where girls who involved themselves in abortion died and so abortion was out of my options but Forson pushed and used every ounce of assuring words to lure me into aborting. I could hear disapproving voices in my head when I was going through with the abortion but It was like I switched my humanity off. The abortion was successful and soon everything was back to normal.

Weeks became months and months turned in to years. And during those times, I had committed four abortions. Few close friends who got to know tried advising me but I turned a deaf ear when Forson sweet-talked me they were just jealous of us.

During my final year, I thought life was getting better when Forson started giving me money when he started working. He rented near the university and I visited him whenever I had my leisure time.
I woke up one day with a throbbing pain in my breasts. I thought it was my period telling its way out but no. ONE good swimmer got the job done and Hey, I was pregnant! With the same procedure like I’ve done in years, I aborted together with Forson but this time, I had a strange and uneasy feeling I hadn’t had since the first abortion. I decided then that no abortion will be done again.

I visited him one afternoon at his office and before I was about leaving, he insisted in fucking me. I decided against it but he begged that it was for a few minutes so I gave in. I was the person who never liked taking contraceptives after sex because of how it changes your menstrual cycle but this time I decided to take it. But just before I could get to school, I received a strange call that my mom had been admitted to the hospital. Out of panic, I rushed to the hospital to see my mom and forgot to take the pill.
On the third day after I’ve received the call, I heard the sad news of someone aborting a 6 months baby and I was immediately reminded of the contraceptive. I got to a pharmacy shop as fast as I could and bought one but there’s this adage that goes “Some things happen just to punish you”. The pill never worked and another good swimmer made it. I don’t know why I felt I had to keep this baby but Forson didn’t and threatened me with a breakup if I don’t abort. He told me he was about to be promoted at work and needed a clean slate but promised to marry me for the next pregnancy.

I believed and went through with the abortion but the saddest thing happened when I was told after the abortion that I had gone through a hysterectomy – meaning my uterus had been removed due to severe bleeding and so I couldn’t get pregnant anymore.
Life changing moment happened when I broke the news to Forson he broke up with me saying he can’t have a future with a woman who can’t have his future babies.

With tears running down my face, I gave a thought to my degree certificate and my messed up life. I knew I was as good as dead so I left everything behind. I never heard from Forson again. He relocated and changed his number.
This is how I messed up my life. The rest is hhistory



You took decisions that brought bad consequences but that isn’t the end of your life. Once you are alive, something good is sure to happen. Just find a good church and surrender to God. Pray and ask for forgiveness. God still needs you that’s why He’s still keeping you alive. You could have died during one of the abortions but you didn’t and you should be grateful for that because there is still a second chance to amend your ways, second chance to live a new life. Thank God you are still alive and change your ways and all things will work out for your good.

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