5 Types Of Girls You Will Meet On Campus

The Real Bitch

They can’t do without wearing make-up.
They always like to have current trends and loves to shop at expensive and malls.
They have very poor grammar and will be offended if you point that out. She’s only in school cause her parents said she can’t stay home.

Loves clubbing- These real bitches are always partying and they give updates on anything classy they do. She thinks life is all about partying.
Always being dropped off in luxurious cars.
Has a sponsor – She doesn’t care about looks. As long as you have some cash, she’ll join the ride.
They and their phones are inseparable.

The Daddy’s Girl

Their sense of style and way of talking shows they are “dad’s little pet”
She’s a princess at home.
Most of her friends are social climbers who are only using her to get fame or money. She’s always neat.
She’s so full of herself that she thinks she needs no one actually but her dad.
They cry over little things and are usually  beautiful


The Smart One.

She’s mostly quiet and doesn’t talk much and so is a good listener.
She has no time for drama.
She acts matured and commands respect. People normally can’t say anything trashy to her.
She’s a little weird in a creepy way
Always want to know more

The Extravagant

They have dubbed “sugar babies”
They like expensive trips
They seek wealthy benefactors seeking mutually beneficial relationships.
They settle for nothing less.

Take pictures at rich places and at big malls

 Wife Material

She believes your lies even when she knows the truth.
She gives you another chance
Mostly get cheated on but she’ll always forgive you.
She respects herself and makes her own money
Does everything her boyfriend says.
She’s mostly naive.

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