I’ve Ruined My Sister’s life

Hello Mirelle,

My name is Emefa and there’s been something haunting me so much I can’t focus on my studies.
I’m in level 300 of a private university and I have a younger sister in level 100 in the same school. Our family is very religious as my dad is a pastor. He raised us with the fear of God in us and we never went against him, especially my younger sister as she was a very good girl and so I never imagined this could happen to her…

When my sister entered the university, everyone seemed to like her as she had “The Cleopatra-look”. She made friends everywhere she went and that got me worried so I called her one day to advice her on how friendly she was and she told me she doesn’t want to sound rude that’s why she’s always jovial but I still prompt her to be extra careful as she was in the university and kinds of stuff happen in the university.

Exactly one and a half month after she’d been in the school, she called me one night seeking permission to attend a drink up party in one of her friend’s hostel. I gave her a rejection but my roommate heard me and was like I was too much of a strict sister. I should allow her to enjoy her first year days as she’ll soon be busy with the changes in the academic timetable and so I told her she could go.
Later that day very late in the night, I received a strange call from my sister’s friend saying I should come immediately. I didn’t know what was wrong so I took to my heels.

When I got there, my sister was on a bed crying. I rushed to her aid to find out what was wrong cause she hadn’t been the type to cry so easily unless the situation was serious. And that was when my sister’s friend told me she had been raped by one of the party attendants. That moment I felt my legs go numb. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t move. My virgin and pure good sister’s pride had been taken away and it was all my fault. I should have never allowed her to go that party in the first place. I told them I was going to send that guy to jail and ruin his life but then I gave a thought to our parents. They didn’t deserve this humiliation after everything they’ve done for us. If I reported to the police, the news will spread on campus and my parents are sure to hear as most lecturers knew my dad. So I decided to keep it down low and took care of my sister to get through it and made her friend promise not to tell a soul.
Soon, everything was back to a little normal and my sister began smiling again.

A month passed and my sister started complaining of dizziness and vomiting. I thought it was just a normal fever so I bought her drugs but days passed and she was getting worse. She started spitting and would eat a little more than I knew her to eat. That was when it occurred to me that my sister may be pregnant. I immediately rebuked it in Jesus’ name as it would be a disaster if she really was. But a disaster it was. My sister was pregnant with a bastard.

The moment I got to know, something told me my sister’s life was ruined but I wouldn’t accept that. I wouldn’t allow my sister’s life to be ruined by one stupid drunker who even has nothing to offer my innocent sister, I wouldn’t let this humiliation befall my family and so I personally went to a pharmacy far from where anyone knew me or my parents and bought an abortion drug. I gave that drug to my innocent sister and that is my biggest mistake and regret.

With the thought of saving my sister’s life and our family’s reputation, I ruined my sister’s life. That abortion drug took away my sister’s every chance of becoming a mother. She bled so much after she took that pill and I had to take her to the hospital and that was when she had her womb removed to save her life.
Right now I don’t know what to do. What will happen if I tell my parents? What will become of my sister? Will she survive this life?.I should have just told them right from the start instead of trying to fix it on my own and now the consequences are due.
I’m lost…



Once this life isn’t over, there is always hope. Don’t give up on yourself and your sister. How you handled the situation wasn’t good but I’ll advice you tell your parents immediately. No matter what they are your parents and wouldn’t abandon you. The harm has already been done but that’s not the end. I know someone who had her womb removed but still had a baby. God works in mysterious ways. Just remember someone’s situation is worse than yours but they still survived it so just hang in there and pray to God. He will listen.

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  1. But whats the big deal if u ruined ur parents reputation? U should HV got that guy arrested in the first place. This is fucked up

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